The Importance of the Night Prayers [tahajjud]

Oct 3, 2019 | Beneficial Knowledge, Islamic Occasions | 0 comments

Speaking on the topic of the Night Devotions [tahajjud], which are performed after one has completed the obligatory Night Prayer [fard `isha’] and has then slept and woken up before the Dawn Prayer [fajr]:

Whoever doesn’t take part in performing the prayers at the end of the night [tahajjud], then they should weep for their own selves.  The end of the night is one of the most important times for those who wish to rise up to the station of Truthfulness with God [maqam as-siddiqiyya] and the station of Being True [maqam as-sidq], even if it were just the final moments, because it is during these times that one is in solitude with God.
We hear about the Friends of God [awliya’] that were perfected and completed.
We hear about the Men of Truthfulness [rijal as-siddiqiyya].
We hear about the stories of people witnessing an unveiling and arriving at God.
When did they arrive? And in which way did they arrive?
They arrived by organising their time, waking up in the depths of the night and on the precipices of the day!
They know the best hours and moments in which there is a Spiritual Opening [fath]!
– A wonderful reminder from Habib Abu Bakr al-`Adani (pictured), may God preserve him and benefit the Umma through him.

Habib Abu Bakr al-`Adani is a traditional Islamic Scholar from from Yemen who is also a doctor in his field of study and is known as the Islamic Thinker or Philosopher due to his immense grasp of Islamic and Worldly knowledge.