Important Islamic Occasions

Sacred and Holy Months, Days, periods of time and phases that are placed by God the Exalted to help us remember Him and stay connected, combined with knowledge from the Scholars and Friends of Allah on the special qualities and significance of these special times and the deeds that are recommended to be performed within them.

The Sixth Day of the Week

Friday [al-jumua]

The Best Day

The most important day of the week as mentioned in Prophetic narrations. Our Father and Master Adam (upon him be peace) was born on a Friday, he entered the Garden on a Friday, and was expelled from it on a Friday and the Hour will begin on a Friday.

What to do on a Friday

A short summary of the best deeds to perform on a Friday based on sources from the Prophetic Tradition and Scholars.

The Third & Fourth Hijri Months

Rabi I & II

The First and Second Spring

The most important month to every Muslim within it the Final Messenger of God was born, the month in which he passed and a month that is dear to the hearts of every believer, and the month after it where the celebration of the great mercy continues.

Rabiꜥ al-Awwal – The First Spring & The Mawlid

A short compilation on the virtues of the Month of the First Spring [rabi` al-awwal].

The Seventh Hijri Month


The Sacred Month of Allah

Also known as The Month of Allah, the Month of Seeking Forgiveness, The Month of Great Divine Outpourings, The Month of Utter Silence and Deafness (due to lack of war and fighting).

Rajab – The Month of Allah

An exposition into the virtues of the Sacred month of Rajab, the month of Allah and the month of forgiveness with words from Shaykh `Abd al-Hamid Quds’ text, ‘Kanz un-Najah was-Surur’.

The Eighth Hijri Month


The Month of the Prophet of Allah

Also known as The Month of Prophet and Messenger of Allah, the Month of Sending Prayers of Peace and Blessings upon the Prophet and the month of increased fasting.

Shaꜥban – the Month of the Messenger ﷺ

An exposition of the desired deeds to be performed in this blessed and sacred month.

Supplications for the Night of mid-Sha`ban

Supplications one can recite on the 15th Night of Sha`ban – known also as the Night of mid-Sha`ban.

The Ninth Hijri Month


The Month of the Qur’an

Also known as The Month of Fasting, the Month of the Noble Qur’an, the Month of Servants of God, the Month within which lies the Night of Decree.

Ramadan – Secrets of the Greatest Month

A collection of narrations and sayings from the Prophet ﷺ, his Companions (God be pleased with them), the Righteous Ones and our Shaykhs on Ramadan; the immense blessings in its first night, the unmatched rewards that it brings to those who fulfil its rights, the Night of `Id/Eid al-Fitr, and some the Night of Decree.

The Night of Decree

A collection of narrations and sayings from the Prophet ﷺ, his Companions (God be pleased with them), the Righteous Ones [salihin] and our Shaykhs on the Night of Decree [Laylatul Qadr].

The First Night of Ramadan

Some words from the scholars and Righteous about the First Night of Ramadan

Intentions & Supplications for the Month of Ramadan

The intentions for fasting the month of Ramadan and other supplications.

The Twelfth Hijri Month


The Month of Hajj

The month in which Hajj is performed, one of the major pillars of Islam, with a great place in the heart of every Muslim. It is also the fourth Sacred Month of the Hijri Calendar.

The First Ten of Dhuʾl-Ḥijjah

The special status of these ten days of the Sacred Month of Dhu’l-Hijja.