The Book of Assistance

All uploaded recordings to our YouTube channel from when we first began to record the classes at Chapter 14 up until the Conclusion of the text.

22 Chapters


The Book of Assistance was written approximately 300 years ago by Imam al-Haddad, a noble and blessed descendant of the Prophet Muhammad  who spent his whole life calling to Allah and the religion of Islam. It continues to be a work of high importance and great affect on the hearts and minds of those who study it. It is a concise treatise that summarises the main concepts from Imam al-Ghazali’s Revival of the Religious Sciences [ihya’ `ulum ad-din] in a way that only Imam al-Haddad could.

It is still being taught world-wide by thousands of scholars and continues to be a source of guidance and correct conduct in the three pillars of the religion; in the rules of Islam, Faith [iman] and Spirituality [ihsan].

The recordings available on this page were started quite late into the beginning of the class and thus there are the first seven chapters missing. There is, however, still so much benefit one can derive from Shaykh Haisam Farache’s commentary on this wonderful text. We have categorised them according to each chapter below.

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Chapter 8 –
On Remembrance [dhikr]
Chapter 10 –
On Following the Book & Sunnah
Chapter 14 –
On Following the Sunnah
Chapter 15 –
On Conduct in Mosques
Chapter 16 –
On the Ritual Prayer
Chapter 17 –
On Prayer in Congregation
Chapter 18 –
On Charity [zakat]
Chapter 19 –
On Fasting [sawm]
Chapter 20 –
On Pilgrimage [hajj]
Chapter 21 –
On Scrupulousness [wara`]
Chapter 22 –
On Enjoining Good & Forbidding Evil
Chapter 23 –
On Social Duties
Chapter 24 –
On Kindness & Charity
Chapter 25 –
On Counsel
Chapter 26 –
On Salutations & a Salutary Opinion
Chapter 27 –
On Repentance, Hope & Fear
Chapter 28 –
On Patience & Fortitude
Chapter 29 –
On Gratitude [shukr]
Chapter 30 –
On Renunciation [zuhd]
Chapter 31 –
On Reliance on God [tawakkul]
Chapter 32 –
On Divine Love & Contentment
Final Chapter –
Conclusion & Ijaza