Intentions for Staying Home due to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Mar 27, 2020 | Beneficial Knowledge | 0 comments

Intentions are a powerful short-cut that the Prophet ﷺ taught us to gain an immense number of rewards, even if we are unable to perform the actions that we intended. This is explained in great detail in Shaykh Haisam’s class on the Book of Intentions.
Below are intentions put together some righteous people so that by our connecting these intentions with the trying action of secluding ourselves in our homes during these difficult times, every second of it will be counted as massive amounts of worship with God ﷻ.

It may even be useful to print these out and place them on a wall in your home to remind everyone there why we are staying at home.

Check out Shaykh Haisam Farache‘s facebook page for all of the recordings of the Book of Intentions classes of Habib Muhammad Sa
d al-ꜥAydarus (God have mercy on him) to learn more.

The Book of Intentions Recordings will be uploaded to YouTube soon in HD, God-willing.

I intend by staying at home:

  1. To train my lower soul [nafs] against the desire of leaving.
  2. To seek the reward of a martyr.
  3. To establish a home filled with obedience to God ﷻ.
  4. To fulfil the rights of my spouse and children.
  5. To revive the traditions [sunan] of the Prophet ﷺ by assisting my family and being playful with the young ones.
  6. To teach my family the rules of their religion.
  7. To protect people from any harm.
  8. To seclude myself with God ﷻ.
  9. To revise the sacred knowledge that I have learned.
  10. To make sure that I do not make my house into a cemetery (by lacking in the recitation of the Qurʾān).
  11. To assist in reducing any harm to people by staying inside.
  12. To follow the instructions of those in charge.
  13. To fulfil the rights of the safety of the country and nation.
  14. To take from the expansiveness of the Sharīꜥa by utilising its dispensations [rukhṣa].
  15. To make our homes face the Qibla with our prayers.
  16. To make our homes places where the denizens of the heavens gaze due to our recitation of the Qurʾān.
  17. To check up on our neighbours and see if they require any assistance.
  18. To revive the sunna of imbibing the primordial nature [fiṭra], cleanliness and purity.
  19. To revive the sunna of washing the hands before food, after it and for other actions.